Thumb In The Wind - Cory Elrod

Thumb In The Wind - Cory Elrod
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Cory Elrod - I'll See My Angel Again   Play
Cory Elrod - Homeless and Hungry   Play
Cory Elrod - Gunfighter's Prayer   Play
Cory Elrod - A Country Legend   Play
Cory Elrod - '56 Chevrolet   Play
Cory Elrod - Thumb In The Wind   Play
Cory Elrod - Just One Last Kiss   Play
Cory Elrod - Old Faded Jeans   Play
Cory Elrod - Ole Time Love's Sake   Play
Cory Elrod - Open Your Heart   Play
Cory Elrod - Sally Goodin'   Play

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The Album. Released by Soundblitz Records/MrBenidorm Records. Great Country hits most penned by Cory Elrod

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