Jewels From A Country Jukebox - Gunsmoke

Jewels From A Country Jukebox - Gunsmoke
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Country: United Kingdom

Company: Soundblitz Records

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Product Code: Jewels From A Country Jukebox - Gunsmoke
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Gunsmoke - The Ways Of A Women In Love   Play
Gunsmoke - Some Days Are Diamonds   Play
Gunsmoke - Honkytonk U   Play
Gunsmoke - Ghostriders In The Sky   Play
Gunsmoke - Behind Closed Doors   Play
Gunsmoke - Don't Fence Me In   Play
Gunsmoke - Big Iron   Play
Gunsmoke - Diggin' Up Bones   Play
Gunsmoke - Brothers Of The Highway   Play
Gunsmoke - Y'all Come Back Saloon   Play
Gunsmoke - Tumbling Tumbleweed   Play
Gunsmoke - Today I Started Lovin' You Again   Play

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A super Album from this great Country Group Released by Soundblitz Records/MrBenidorm Records

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