How To Get Started

Please check this section if you encoulnter an issue with the site, we will endevour to solve it for you right here. If you cannot find the answer please send us an email.

Getting Started with BandBytes.UK

Signup for an account with us and complete all the required details.

Once you have done this you need to add an Artist to complete the process.

You can now add MP3 files to your account together with a Sample (shorter version) of the MP3 file you are uploading.

So you will require a shorter version of the mp3 file before you start, together with the image (jpeg) you are going to use.

Upload MP3 proceedure

1.Presuming that you have logged in to the system, select My Account from the menu at the top of the page, you will not be directed to your account Control.

2.Select 'New Product', the form now requires completing, enter the Name of the song, the Description needs to be as fully completed as possibe, when you get to the 'Price' we suggest around .69. Select from the Category box MP3 plus type of Genre (Pop, Country, Rock) Do not choose 'Album' and MP3 at the same time.  Select an image from your computer to upload for the track.Select an MP3 file from your computer to upload (full version). Wait until a Green tick appears to confirm the upload and then press Submit.

3. Find your product from the Product Created list and click the pencil Edit from the Action list. On the Edit Product screen select Files now select Add File, (this is the area that you will add your short mp3 version) So in the Author you would put the name of the Band or Singer, next the Name of the song press the 'browse' button, THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT, once you have pressed the browse button a 'file manager box will appear, you will see in the box 'image' DO NOT add here instead click the plus sign next to the image and other file boxes will apper Click on mp3samples now click on 'upload' once uploaded select the file by clicking on it twice it will appear in the file box, press Submit.

4. Check if it was correctly uploaded. Go to the Home Page, it will appear in 'Latest' click the picture, you should now see a player for the demo, try it and check other details, that's it.

Example of how it should look.

To add an Album to your account

Follow all as above except in step 2 - Add All The Tracks before pressing Submit, Choose 'Album' only from the Category list and don't forget to give the Album a name in the 'Song' description.

When you press 'Submit' and you choose 'Files' keep adding the shortend version of the tracks one by one by 'Add File' , 'Add File' once you have completed this press Submit,

When you now check your 'Album' from the 'Home Page' it should look something like the screenshot below.



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