About Us

About Us

BandBytes.UK is a UK based organisation with close links to UK Record Labels and Radio Stations. The purpose of this site is to help bands, singers and other musicians to achieve recognition worldwide at minimal cost to themselves.

BandBytes.UK charge a small listing fee, which is a one off payment enabling a track to be listing for 1 year. A small percentage of all download sales is charged to cover administration and Payment processing. When a sale is made the amount due to the Artist is shown in their account immediately. Funds can be withdrawn once an account has a minimum £10 balance.

We are here to help, if you encounter an issue please check our FAQs/How To if you cannot resolve the issue please send us an email at admin@bandbytes.uk and we will try to help you.

The site is open to all Musicians worldwide but a PayPal account is essential to both pay listing fees and to receive payments from sales.


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